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Name Rise of The Floodborn
Code ROF
Type Block
Released 11/17/23
Total number of items 206


Rise of The Floodborn is a captivating set from Lorcana that delves into a world where ancient sea creatures known as the Floodborn rise to reclaim their lost kingdom. The lore of the set tells the story of a once mighty civilization that fell to ruin under the wrath of the Floodborn, who now seek to dominate the land once more. The mechanics of the set revolve around water-themed abilities and synergies, such as flooding mechanics that empower creatures and spells when triggered. Players must navigate the treacherous waters of this set, strategically using the power of the Floodborn to outmaneuver their opponents and emerge victorious in the battle for supremacy.

Spoilers from Rise of The Floodborn

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