Disney's Lorcana, the TCG: Game Rules, Products and Release Date!

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Disney's Lorcana is a new and exciting Trading Card Game (TCG) that includes game rules, product releases, and up-to-date information on releases. Fans of Disney will love the game's vibrant characters and classic Disney themes. Get ready to explore the magical world of Lorcana!

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It has been an eventful week for Disney's new adventure in the toy market: Lorcana, the Disney Trading Card Game! A few extra details have been revealed regarding how the game works and what we'll do with Ink and lore after all. Check out below all the details released so far, what we know about the rules, products being released, and a complete schedule.

Some of the Basics

Active players are called "Illumineers", and start with 7 cards in their hand, out of their 60-card personal deck. What players use as 'fuel' to play their cards, commonly called 'mana' in other TCGs, is "Ink" here, and the pool which "Ink" cards go is called "Inkwell". Only one card per turn can be placed in the Inkwell, and they remain there until the end of the game.


There are six types of Ink:

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Amber, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Steel.

These colors will serve as Lorcana's "color pie", each with their own affinity to certain strategies. As per the latest reveals, Amethyst users favor enchantments, and Sapphire characters prefer tools. Ruby was stated to "often leap without looking", and Emerald seems to be the most flexible out of the bunch. Steel looks very sturdy, probably brute force warriors, and Ambers are the exact opposite, focusing on defense.

The goal is to collect 20 lore before your opponents. To collect lore, you can send characters, or "glimmers", "questing", and "exerting" them (turning them sideways), will give you their value in lore, which is stated on the bottom half of the card.

The rules state that though "questing" is the main way you'll win games, sometimes you'll have to "slow your opponents down", which is where "Challenging" comes in, the game's main combat phase. Only exerted characters can challenge each other, and the icons for their "Willpower" and "Strength" refer to their Health and Strength, respectively.

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Of course, as most TCGs, there are different effects for every card, different keywords, abilities, etc. Some characters can only be challenged by characters with the same keyword, etc. There's also the standard Mulligan, in which you can send back cards to the deck and get other cards, until you have 7 cards again in your starting hand.

There are also 3 other card types besides Characters:

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Items, Actions and Songs.

The main difference between Items and Actions is the fact that Actions are discarded once their effect is completed, whereas Items stay in play. Songs are Actions which have a different cost: Instead of paying Ink, you can have a character "sing" for you and that will zero the cost of the Song.

Check out the complete rule pages available below:

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Like other collectible TCGs, Lorcana will have its own bundles for sale very soon. As a few cards were revealed already, reports point up to 200 cards available at launch. Here is all we know about the bundles that were revealed already:

Starter decks

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Steel and Sapphire (Lion King and Aurora)

Emerald and Ruby (Aladdin and Cruella)

Amber and Amethyst (Sorcerer Mickey and Moana)

These decks include 12-card boosters, and two foils for the standard 60-card deck. Tokens and a rule book are also included.


The first reported price for these is $16,99.

Booster Packs

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Booster packs for "The First Chapter" will have 12 cards each, and guaranteed six common cards, three uncommon cards, one foil and two cards that can be either rare, super rare or legendary rare. These, individually, will cost $5,99.

The Gift Set

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The Gift Set, one of the bigger bundles, will bring two foils for the featured characters in their cover, and their standard versions. The first bundle reported features Mulan and Hades, with their foil versions being called Mulan - Imperial Soldier and Hades - King of Olympus.

There will be 34 game tokens and four booster packs in this particular bundle, and deckbuilding will be up to you. The starting price for this is $29,99.

Illumineer's Trove

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This is the most expensive product from the line, and it claims to be the "ultimate treasure for both collectors and players". It is a full-art storage box, with two deck boxes, eight boosters, a player's guide, and 15 game tokens. The starting price is $49,99.


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"The First Chapter", Lorcana's first set, is scheduled for release on August 18th, 2023. Local game stores are confirmed for this release, and other retailers will be able to follow on September 1st. Countries included for the release are The U.S.A., Canada, France, Germany and The U.K.

There are also reports of the Gen Con including some of these products in 2023, which will happen from August 3rd to August 6th.

There will be four sets a year, according to latest reports. If the first set is on August 18th, the next, by accounts, will come on November 17th, three months later.